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Pet Calming Furniture Protector

#1 comfortable and mess-free pet furniture protector is here! 

Perfect to be placed on any surface - car seats, sofa, floor, etc., our furniture protector is extremely comfortable on your pet's skin. The raised rim will make your dog feel safe and protected in the bed.

The high-end luxurious design will blend with your home furniture and is super convenient to wash with its detachable cover. 

Soft Material: It acts as a comfortable and soft cushion for your pets to alleviate their joint pains. Provides excellent support for a good sleep and calms down your dog's anxiety. It mimics a mother's fur coat and eases the dogs to relax and feel safe in the bed. 

Easy Maintenance: The detachable cover makes it easy to wash and all the materials are machine washable for your convenience.

Protects Furniture: Protects your furniture from any mess or odour! your dog's dirty paws will never stain your furniture again. 

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